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Call Mike Faircloth (919) 730-8882 I have provided popcorn texture removal service in Cary, NC for over 25 years. Offering fast, friendly, professional service and estimates are always free.

Popcorn textured ceilings were popular in Cary in the 70’s however smooth ceilings are the in thing today. Popcorn ceiling texture removal can ad value, make your home more attractive, update and modernize the appearance and eliminate hazardous materials such as asbestos if your home was constructed before 1977.

Popcorn texture removal is a labor intensive, messy and time-consuming job even for a professional. When done properly by an experienced contractor your ceilings will look great and that undesirable texture will be gone forever. Call Mike’s Popcorn texture removal for a turnkey solution in Cary, North Carolina.

When you make an appointment expect a free on site estimate, prompt, reliable service and a fair price for removing your popcorn texture. I offer quality workmanship and always leave the work area clean when the job is completed. We will take great care to protect your furnishings and surfaces during the process and leave your home as clean as we found it. With over 25 years of professional popcorn texture removal experience your ceilings will be smooth and look as though you had a new ceiling installed.

Popcorn Texture Removal Service owner Mike Faircloth will evaluate your ceilings, perform all work personally and will not send subcontractors to your home. Popcorn texture will be removed, your ceilings finished smooth and sanded ready for primer and paint.

My name is Mike Faircloth.I started popcorn texture work and drywall with my father in 1979. It’s been a family business that I carry on today. I moved To North Carolina 1985 bringing my experience to the Raleigh-Durham area. I Personally do my own work with my son Mike jr. The core value of my business is the customer. Giving them 100% satisfaction with a guarantee for two years. We stay up to date on all drywall and texture material by attending usg and goldbond seminars. Safety is first priority. We protect ourselves when ceiling texture comes back positive for asbestos. I have been married 28 years to Laura Faircloth with four kids one grandbaby. I enjoy family time, going to church on Sunday, playing baseball with Alamance 45+ Giants baseball team. Love the outdoors, fishing, hunting and going to the gym.

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