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We use the following texture on all Ceiling texture repairs, QT, are low-cost, interior finish powder products that mix with water for easy application with standard spray equipment. They contain a polystyrene aggregate, available in fine, medium and coarse textures, to provide a variety of decorating options that conceal minor surface defects.Georgia pacific texture was used in Durham area for most homes.

The textures produce a handsome, simulated, acoustical ceiling finish. They can be applied over treated plaster and concrete substrates, and noncontact gypsum panels. They dry white and are typically left unpainted on non-contact ceiling surfaces.mike has been spraying ceiling over 25 years around the durham nc area.texture ceilings, also known as cottage cheese ceiling or more accurately an acoustic texture ceiling, is a term for a spray-on ceiling texture used from the late 1950s into the 1980s in American residential construction. It was the standard for bedroom and residential hallway ceilings for its bright, white appearance, noise reduction qualities and ability to hide imperfections, while kitchen and living rooms ceilings would normally be finished in smoother ceiling texture for their higher durability and ease of cleaning.ceiling texture repairs can be tough to match in color.ceiling texture will fade over a period of time.when damage occurs from water leaks or busted pipes in the ceiling causing drywall to stain.when you repair the damaged area with new popcorn ceiling texture, you have something old against new.Thats why you need a professional.So why not call Mike for all your ceiling texture repairs.

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